Turn Your Wood Into Mulch

Hire our wood chipping company based in Milan, MI to repurpose wood now

Maybe you're dealing with a fallen a tree or getting one chopped down cut a tree down. Either way, Red Tail Tree can provide wood chipping services once the tree is down so it doesn't go to waste. Our wood chipping company based in Milan, MI will bring a wood chipper to your property to shred the tree trunk and branches. Our team can then give you the wood chip mulch or haul it away.

Discover everything you can do with wood chip mulch with help from Red Tail Tree

When you get mulch from our wood chipping company, you can use it for all kinds of benefits. You can add it to your landscape to:

Prevent weeds from growing
Help your soil retain moisture
Provide nutrients for your plants
Protect your landscape from soil erosion
Insulate your plants from cold in the winter

Plus, if you use a pine or cedar tree for mulch, you can use the wood chips to repel insects. To get mulch for your property, arrange for our wood chipping services right away.