Pruning Trees Is Hard Work

Handle tree pruning without lifting a finger by hiring Red Tail Tree, based in Milan, MI

Well-pruned trees are often healthier than trees that go without pruning. Unfortunately, pruning trees takes a lot of time and effort for the average property owner. It can also be risky if it involves climbing a ladder with pruning shears. Fortunately, Red Tail Tree can provide tree pruning services on your property. We serve all areas surrounding Milan, MI.

When we come to your property, we can perform any kind of tree pruning, including:

Deadwooding, to remove dying or dead tree limbs
Developmental pruning, to help young trees form strong shapes
Hazard reduction pruning, to remove branches near power lines

You can count on us to make sure your trees are healthy and hazard free. Call 734-395-2637 right away to arrange for residential or commercial tree services.

Need to prune a tree on neighboring property?

While we can't prune the whole tree without your neighbor's approval, we can prune the parts that cross your property line. Don't let deadwood or other hazards from your neighbor's tree affect your property. Schedule residential or commercial tree services right away to get the tree taken care of.