Make a Problem Tree Disappear

Turn to Red Tail Tree, a tree removal company in the Milan, MI area

You weren't too concerned about that old, dead tree on your property - that is, until it fell on your driveway during a storm. You can rely on Red Tail Tree for dead tree removal in Milan, MI or the surrounding area, including Ann Arbor.

Along with fallen trees, our tree removal company can also get rid of:

Dead trees that are still standing
Trees that have diseases or fungus
Trees that have severe damage
Trees that are too close to power lines
Trees that are too close to your building

We're well-equipped to cut down any size or kind of tree on residential or commercial property. Call 734-395-2637 now to schedule tree removal services.

What if the tree is on your property line?

You and your neighbor may share responsibility for tree maintenance and dead tree removal when necessary. To find out more about this, consult your insurance company right away. After you've gotten informed, our tree removal company will be happy to work with you.